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WWE Legends of Wrestlemania and TNA Impact update

Kudos to humble Gamingring for this diatribe: 

Good O, JR gives us some insight on THQ’s upcoming wrestling game. WWE Commentator and hall of famer Jim Ross updated his JRBBQ blog this weekend and discusses WWE Legends of Wrestlemania and even throws a mention of TNA Impact.

“I did not solely create the idea of the WWE Legends Video Game, but thru the Legends Program that I did help launch, the video game concept was an idea I floated around the WWE about 10 years ago. It was akin to always wondering what it would be like for, say, Roger Clemens pitching to Mickey Mantle in a baseball video game. Now wrestling fans will be able to book some amazing dream matches with many of the greats that will be featured on the Legends Video Game. Yes, some old timers won’t want to be a part of the process, but what can one do? Those veterans who want to help other old timers who did not plan for their future or drank their future away, etc would be well served to be a part of the video game and donate their earnings to those more needy, if that was there mindset. At least the Austin vs. Hogan match could be booked on the Legends Video Game. Speaking of video games, I hear thru the video game world that the multiple postponements of the TNA video game is highly unusual, which will lead some to believe that there are issues. Hopefully there are none, but multiple false starts does raise an eyebrow or two.”

First of all there was never an exact date given by Midway in regards to TNA Impact’s release. They gave Spring 2008 back in October 2007 when they debuted the game in Atlanta. Then this March they changed from spring to summer 2008 and now at Midway they said the game will be released in September 2008. Contrary to what JR says, this is not so unusual in the “video game world”. Games release dates move back and change ever so often. It does not mean there are issues it means that the developers care enough about their game to only release it when it has all the time that is needed to make it as good as the fans expectations of the game. Take a look at Grand Theft Auto IV for a perfect example, that game was released and evidently based on every major website reviews and the overwhelming positive reaction the game has received by the fans its obvious the decision to postpone the game till April was a correct one.