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WWE One Night Stand 2008 Results

The fourth annual WWE One Night Stand: Extreme Rules came to you on June 1 from the San Diego Sports Arena in San Diego, CA.

Match Results

  • Falls Count Anywhere Match: Jeff Hardy def. Umaga by pinfall in the parking lot (outside) following the Swanton Bomb from the top of a WWE Production Truck.
  • #1 Contender’s 5-Way Singapore Cane Match for the ECW Title: Big Show (SmackDown) def. CM Punk (ECW), Chavo Guerrero (with Bam Neely) (ECW), Tommy Dreamer (ECW), & John Morrison (with The Miz) (ECW) by pinning Tommy Dreamer following a cane shot to the head to earn the right to face Kane for the ECW Title at Night of Champions.
  • First Blood Match: John Cena def. JBL
  • First Ever Divas "I Quit" Match: Beth Phoenix def. Melina
  • Stretcher Match: Batista (SmackDown) def. Shawn Michaels (with Chris Jericho) (RAW)
  • WWE Championship: Last Man Standing: Triple H (c) def. Randy Orton to retain.
  • World Heavyweight Championship: TLC Match: The Undertaker’s Career On The Line: Edge (with La Familia) def. The Undertaker to win the vacant World Heavyweight Title and end The Undertaker’s WWE Career.

Match Quality

  1. World Heavyweight Championship
  2. WWE Championship
  3. Stretcher Match
  4. 5-Way Singapore Cane Match
  5. First Blood Match
  6. Falls Count Anywhere Match
  7. "I Quit" Match


Big Show received a gash on his head near his left eye after his head bounced off some steel steps. He received stitches post-match.

In the WWE Title Match, Randy Orton broke his collarbone.