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WWE: RAW Rating for June 2, 2008

This week’s edition of WWE RAW scored a 3.1 (rounded from 3.06) rating off hours of 2.99 and 3.13, reports, citing Nielsen Media Research data.

Given the hype over WWE’s ‘McMahon’s Million Dollar Mania,’ the initial industry reaction to this number has been negative. The contest does not technically start till next week, however, so it is a bit premature to condemn the contest as a ratings flop.

Most interesting about this week’s RAW rating is the fact that at a 3.1, it was only noly above last week’s 2.9. WWE published an article Tuesday that put forth the notion that the Memorial Day rating was an anomaly, but it certainly appears that it was in the general ballpark of where interest in WWE RAW presently lies.

In fact, if the ‘Million Dollar Mania’ did indeed spike interest in RAW, it could mean the entirety of this week’s increase is attributable to a special promotion that is not a representation of the appeal of WWE’s overall product.