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WWE: Vince McMahon Distancing Himself From Creative Team?

The latest Wrestling Observer is reporting that WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon has had less and less personal interaction with the WWE Creative Team for the past few weeks, which has allegedly angered and bewildered the Creative Team because they don’t have any direction to go on without the boss. One case in point is the fact that no one in Creative knows any of the superstars who will be drafted in a couple weeks on June 23 in San Antonio. It’s normal for the WWE to keep the talent in the dark, but it’s unusual that Creative is as clueless as the talent. The Creative Team did not even know that The Undertaker was "leaving" until it was announced on SmackDown. The team was not given any reason or time frame on the absence of The Undertaker, but was told by Vince to just write Undertaker out of storylines and asked members of the Creative Team how to accomplish the feat of getting Undertaker off of TV for awhile. Vince reportedly did not want to do an injury angle with Undertaker because an injury angle has been done a few times for The Undertaker and Undertaker does not want the fans or fellow superstars to perceive him as "breaking down". Stephanie McMahon keeps pushing for Creative to come up with long-term storylines but the team is reluctant to do so, since Vince is known to change his mind on a weekly basis.