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TNA: Coroner explain’s how TNA crew member died

DeSoto County Coroner Jeffrey Pounders explained how TNA crew member Kevin Sinex of Windemere, Fla. fell to his death on Sunday after the Slammiversary pay-per-view. “He was standing on some kind of beam, taking down the lights, when the beam collapsed,” Pounders told the Memphis Commercial Appeal. “He fell 25 to 30 feet and struck his head on the concrete floor. They took him to Baptist (Memorial Hospital)-DeSoto and tried to revive him, but they could not.”

The story also revealed Paul Martin was the man who suffered a serious hand injury (he reportedly lost his thumb in the same accident). “Actually, there were three sets of scaffolding and when the first set fell, it caused the other two sets to go down, sort of like a domino effect,” Deputy Chief Steve Pirtle stated. Pirtle added that he does not know whether either man was wearing a safety harness at the time of the accident. To read the fully story, visit