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WWE/ROH: Update on Bryan Danielson’s current status

Bryan Danielson has not signed a contract with WWE. That could change at any time, but there is currently no deal in place. He is working in Mexico this week and will be working in Europe before returning for Ring of Honor shows at the end of the month. As reported on, he worked the WWE dark match on Monday against Lance Cade with permission from ROH.

WWE came close to offering Danielson a deal back in 2006 before Vince McMahon and John Lauranaitis decided to set a 6-2 height requirement. "He’s a hell of a mechanic and he would have gotten over fine," one WWE source stated on Tuesday. "I’m not sure in today’s environment." The source expressed concern that the current creative staff isn’t focussed enough on quality wrestling to utilize Danielson properly.

William Regal has been a big backer of Danielson and other ROH talent, including Nigel McGuinness for quite some time. "If Regal had any stroke, Bryan Danielson and a lot of guys would have been signed a while ago," the WWE source stated. "He’s a good mentor, though. He gives golden advice."