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WWE: Company attorney disputes brain damage caused Benoit to kill family

WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt sent a lengthy email to author Irvin Muchnick on Monday regarding a list of the author’s top nine “unanswered questions” regarding the Benoit family tragedy. “As to the concussion theory, suffice it to say that none of that alleged scientific work has ever been made available for independent review, and the notion that Chris Benoit had the brain of an 85-year old with dementia defies both common sense as well as the observations of those who had contact with him every week,” McDevitt writes.

“Simply put, he couldn’t have found the airport if that supposed ‘finding’ were even remotely accurate. It was for that reason that we asked the Sports Legacy Institute to turn over all of its ‘science’ for independent review. They have refused to do so.” To read McDevitt’s lengthy letter and to read Muchnick’s response, visit