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W101 Exclusive: Interview With Winner of McMahon’s Million Dollar Mania

Exclusive Interview with Alayna Ayres
June 23, 2008
Conducted via AOL Instant Messenger

TPIB: Thanks for doing the interview.
Alana Ayres: No problem.
TPIB: For the readers, please tell us your name and how much you won.
Alana: Alana Ayres I won $174,984.
TPIB: You are from Illinois, correct?
Alana: Yes, I am.
TPIB: What do you plan to do with the money?
Alana: Pay for my last year of college and go on a family trip and do some shopping
TPIB: So, where were you when Vince McMahon called you prior to RAW?
Alana: I was at the kitchen table
Alana: I was shocked and excited at the same time
Alana: I was like ‘the chairman of the WWE is calling me?’…. I was so happy Vince McMahon is one of my heroes and his wife Linda McMahon they all have inspired me more than any one else
TPIB: Besides Vince McMahon, who is your favorite WWE Talent?
Alana: Good question
Alana: Triple H, Undertaker, John Cena, Edge, and many others
Alana: Batista
Alana: Shawn Michaels
Alana: Matt & Jeff Hardy
TPIB: Who would you like to see drafted tonight on RAW?
Alana: Ummm…Batista
Alana: I think Batista would be great on Raw!!! and Matt Hardy as well
TPIB: Good to know
TPIB: Do you prefer WWE or TNA?
Alana: WWE
Alana: I can’t stand TNA!
Alana: It annoys the crap out of me!
TPIB: For the record, you are not saying you prefer WWE and you love Vince McMahon because you are being payed or convinced to do so, are you?
Alana: No!
Alana: This what I am going to say for the record I love the McMahon family. Okay they have inspired me more than any one else.
Alayna: Vince & Linda McMahon are my all-time heroes! The McMahon Family Rocks!
TPIB: All right, I just wanted to make sure.
Alana: Well.. they are wonderful people.
Alana: I’m actually heading to RAW in Chicago in August.
TPIB: Probably even more so now that they gave you almost $800,000
Alana: Well, you know. That’s life.
TPIB: Finally, is there anyone you would like to thank?
Alana: I would like to say thank you to the McMahon family for everything that they have done for me in my life, as well as my own family.
TPIB: Well, thanks again for your time and participation and congratulations.
Alana: No problem.