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WWE: Batista says he is thinking about retirement in next few years

Batista discussed his eventual retirement and life after wrestling in an interview with Slam Wrestling. “I hope to always have a job within WWE,” he said. “I’m thinking about hanging up my boots in the next couple of years. I’m almost 40; turn 39 this year, so I hipe there’s going to be a spot for me within the company.

“Really love to be in the developmental program working with some of the younger kids. It really makes me sad. I think a lot of the art form of wrestling has been lost. Nowadays it’s about these guys that want to do these fancy spots. Ric Flair always said to me our business is selling, what we do is sell and we tell stories. And that’s what I feel is the art form of wrestling and I really feel that’s been lost.” To read the full interview, visit