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WWE Week In Review X

WWE Week In Review X
July 6, 2008- July 12, 2008

Welcome to the tenth edition of Cassidy’s WWE Week In Review. Feel free to contact me on Wrestling 101 anytime with comments, questions, and anything in between.

Once again, chaos was the order for the night on Monday Night RAW. The night started off with SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero in the middle of the ring, demanding that new World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk surrender the title to her and she also demanded he apologize to the GM. As one would expect, Punk did neither of those things. Vickie blamed Punk for all of her and Edge’s problems. Punk demeaned the rocky relationship between Vickie and Edge, which warranted a slap from Ms. Guerrero. Punk told Vickie that she just earned a one-way ticket back to SmackDown. As the champion took hold of Vickie’s wheelchair, JBL made his entrance and demanded to get another shot at CM Punk and the World Heavyweight Title. Unfortunately for the Self-Made Millionaire, John Cena also wanted a title shot. Cena came out and told JBL that he would face JBL on RAW for the right to face CM Punk for the World Title at The Great American Bash in two weeks. Before JBL could accept or refuse the match, Batista made his way to the ring. The Animal told the new champ that Batista was a big factor in Punk beating Edge for the title last week. This prompted Cena to revise his plan and make it a Triple Threat Match for a shot at the title. After convincing JBL to the idea of the match, The Big Red Machine Kane came out and simply said, "I want in". With that, a Fatal 4-Way was set as the main event of the evening as John Cena would face JBL, Kane, & Batista to determine the #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Title at The Great American Bash.

The opening match of the night saw, not only the RAW in-ring debut of Rey Mysterio, but also Rey’s return to action. Rey made short work of his antagonizer from last week, Santino Marella. A 619 and a Splash later, Rey chalked up his first win as a RAW Superstar.

In Divas action, the Women’s Champion Mickie James teamed up with RAW’s newest Diva, Kelly Kelly to take on the team of Jillian & Layla. The Women’s Champion didn’t even have to get her hands dirty, as Kelly Kelly rolled up Jillian for the win, without Mickie or Layla getting in the match legally.

Before they would face off in a Fatal 4-Way in the main event, John Cena had revenge on his mind in relation to JBL. JBL was unable to get into his limo, as all the doors were locked. When he tried the last door, Cena emerged from the Millionaire’s limo with a crowbar. He told JBL that the limo was not up to code, according to Louisiana law. Cena introduced Cryme Tyme, who were also in the limo. Cena & Cryme Tyme proceeded to completely bust up JBL’s limousine. Busting out a mirror and all the windows and windshield. The exclamation point was a "custom paint job" by the trio. Cena, JTG, & Shad completely covered JBL’s white limo with various graffiti.

Backstage, CM Punk was asked who he would like to face at the Bash. A light fixture falling over at the feet of the champion prevented his answer, followed by Snitsky claiming Punk’s title win was a fluke.

In a non-title match, CM Punk proved to Snitsky that his title win last week was not a fluke in the least, laying out the monster with the GTS The GTS resulted in the monster receiving a broken nose, courtesy of the champion.

Next up was an address by the Hearbreak Kid Shawn Michaels. HBK was on hand to address Chris Jericho and to answer Jericho’s challenge for the Bash. Michaels gave Jericho a solid yes, despite not being fully recovered from his eye injury. This prompted an appearance by Y2J (with Lance Cade by his side). Y2J told the Showstopper that he expected Michaels to accept his challenge, because Michaels’ pride would not allow him to deny it. HBK told Jericho that Jericho is doing all this to Michaels because Jericho has accomplished a lot in his career, but he will never be as good as Shawn Michaels in his entire career.

Speaking of Jericho, the new Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston scored a non-title win over a tenacious Charlie Haas. Kofi got the win, but was laid out by Paul Burchill in the ring. Is this Kofi’s new challenger for the title? Kofi was down and out, with a busted eye to boot.

In another example of the chaos on Monday Night RAW in the absence of The Chairman, Mr. McMahon, a Batista fan made his way into The Animal’s locker room and mocked Batista before getting chased off by security.

In the main event of the night, Batista faced John Cena, JBL, & Kane in a Fatal 4-Way Match that would see the winner face CM Punk for the World Title at the Bash. After a very hard-fought match by all four superstars, The Animal was able to isolate and Spear Kane to get his title opportunity.

After the match, The Big Red Machine absolutely lost it. Kane repeatedly shouted into the faces of Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler- "Is he alive or dead?". Kane assaulted a cameraman, chased Lilian Garcia off, and tossed Mark Yeaton over the barricade to the floor. Kane then set his sights on the RAW Announce Team. First, Kane pulled Michael Cole over the announce position and threw Cole in the ring, again asking Cole if "he was alive or dead?" Kane would continue to interrogate a helpless Michael Cole. As Kane lifted Cole up for a Chokeslam, Cole’s broadcast colleague, Jerry Lawler chop-blocked the deranged ex-champion. Lawler would prove to be the sacrificial lamb, as Kane brutally pounded Lawler into the mat and laid out the Hall of Famer with a vicious boot. What was this attack about? Who is the "he" Kane is referring to?

Tuesday’s ECW started off with the WWE Tag Team Champions The Miz & John Morrison. The duo stated that they feel they are not being challenged as the WWE Tag Team Champions. The Belfast Brawler Finlay took exception this and marched to the ring to confront the tag champions. Finlay’s son Hornswoggle then sprayed the cocky champions with a squirt gun, thoroughly embarrassing the team. This led to ECW General Manager Theodore Long making a one-on-one match between The Miz & Finlay. With a big assist from his son, Finlay picked up a win over one-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions.

Backstage, former GM Armando Estrada continued to complain to the current GM about his contract. Estrada stated that he has been overmatched in recent weeks and is unable to get an ECW Contract. As part of the continuing New Superstar Initiative, Long informed Estrada he would face off with another newcomer in Braden Walker. The newest ECW Superstar would pin Estrada with a high cross body.

ECW General Manager Theodore Long was greeted by a very special guest on hand in Baton Rouge- WWE Hall of Famer "Mr. USA" Tony Atlas. Long appointed Atlas the special guest ring announced for the main event of the night when ECW Champion Mark Henry would take on Tommy Dreamer in non-title action. The World’s Strongest Champion, Mark Henry confronted the legend and told him that Atlas is good, but no one can ever be the World’s Strongest Man. Atlas also met up with Henry’s opponent in the main event, Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer (with Colin Delaney) shook hands with the Hall of Famer before Dreamer’s big match.

In other action, ECW’s most exciting new superstar, Evan Bourne picked up an impressive win over ECW Original Nunzio.

In the main event of the evening, Mark Henry faced Tommy Dreamer in a non-title match. Henry dominated most of the match, but as Henry was running the ropes to land something big on the ECW Original, Colin Delaney tripped up the champion. Henry exited the ring and started to back up the rookie. Tony Atlas came to the aid of Colin and told the World’s Strongest Champion that Delaney is a friend of Atlas’. Then, in a stunning turn of events, Tony Atlas rammed his "friend" Colin Delaney ribs first into the ECW Announce Table. Dreamer came out of the ring and questioned Mr. USA about what he just did and why. However, Dreamer took his eye off of the ECW Champion and Mark Henry laid out Dreamer on the outside with the World’s Strongest Slam. Atlas announced Mark Henry the winner as Dreamer and Colin lay beaten on the arena floor. Though the match ended as a Double Count-Out, Mark Henry certainly looked like a winner on Tuesday Night. Why did Tony Atlas turn on Tommy Dreamer & Colin Delaney? Is this some sort of unholy alliance between Atlas & the champion? announced on Wednesday that the WWE has granted Ashley Massaro her early release from the company. She requested her release about a week ago to tend to her sick seven-year-old daughter.

It was announced on Friday afternoon on that John Cena will go one-on-one with JBL at The Great American Bash in a NYC Parking Lot Brawl.

Friday Night SmackDown kicked off with the #1 Contender for the WWE Title Edge, who will face Triple H for that very title in nine nights at The Great American Bash. Edge discussed all things personal and professional in his life about Vickie Guerrero and the WWE Champion Triple H. After Edge’s speech, his former fiancee SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero announced that the Rated-R Superstar would face the World’s Largest Athlete Big Show in a No Disqualification Match in the night’s main event.

The opening match of the night saw Shelton Benjamin defeat ECW’s United States Champion Matt Hardy in a non-title match. A win over the champion will no doubt bring forth a title opportunity for The Gold Standard.

Next up was Mr. Kennedy Vs. Domino. Before the match, The Franchise Player MVP came out to join Jim Ross & Mick Foley on commentary. Also before the match, Kennedy said he was better than SmackDown’s MVP. This comment would prove to be Kennedy’s downfall. While Kennedy successfully defeated the 1950’s throwback Domino, he was attacked post-match by SmackDown’s Resident Bulldozer, Umaga. MVP watched with delight as The Samoan Savage laid out the Green Bay Loudmouth with his signature Samoan Spike.

Backstage, The Family was in shambles and the members of said Family were trying to play both sides of the fence in trying to stay on good terms with both Edge and his estranged ex-fiancee Vickie Guerrero. Hawkins & Ryder vowed to support the GM, while Chavo Guerrero & Bam Neely appeared to take sides with Edge over Chavo’s own aunt. Hawkins & Ryder got what they wanted in a rematch from last week with Jesse & Festus, but Chavo certainly didn’t get what he wanted. After trying to stay in his aunt’s good graces, the GM saw through Chavo’s charade of playing up to both her and Edge and put the Mexican Warrior in a non-title match with the WWE Champion Triple H.

In non-title action, Finlay & Hornswoggle picked up a big win over the WWE Tag Team Champions The Miz & John Morrison. Also, it was announced prior to the Divas tag match that Natalya will face Michelle McCool at the Bash to determine the first ever Divas Champion.

In another non-title bout, WWE Champion Triple H gained some momentum heading into the Nassau Coliseum in nine nights with a win over Chavo Guerrero. Despite Bam Neely’s best efforts, The Game was able to Pedigree Chavo for the win.

In Divas action, Natalya teamed up with Maryse to defeat her Great American Bash opponent Michelle McCool and Cherry. Natalya would use the infamous Sharpshooter to pick up the win.

In a match that they requested, Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder took on Jesse & Festus. Hawkins & Ryder had no intentions of winning the match as they quickly for themselves intentionally counted out. Their plan came to fruition after the bell rang. With Festus in his stoic state, The duo disposed of Jesse and went on the attack on the helpless giant. That is until Jesse rang the bell at ringside to awaken the beast. The Cornfed Colossus then cleared the ring of Hawkins & Ryder, spoiling whatever they had planned.

The next contest saw the Moscow Mauler Vladimir Kozlov take on the ECW Original Stevie Richards. Stevie put forth a valiant effort, even getting close to doing the impossible by beating Kozlov, the big Russian was too much for Stevie as Kozlov got the win.

The main event of the night was a No Disqualification bout between two former World Champions in Edge & Big Show. Big Show completely manhandled Edge throughout the match with some spattering of an upper-hand by the Ultimate Opportunist. When it seemed like Show had the match won, SmackDown General Manager (who was at ringside) stopped the match to protect Edge. As the audience around the world confusedly watched the two, Edge & Vickie Guerrero exchanged pleasantries in the ring and sealed the deal with a "Rated-R Kissing Session". It seems as though the two have made it through their rocky times, but is the wedding on again? If it is, what does this mean for the WWE Champion Triple H? Will Vickie Guerrero escort Edge to his sixth World Title at the Bash?


It was announced on Saturday on that Mark Henry will defend the ECW Title against Tommy Dreamer at The Great American Bash in just over two weeks.

Superstar of the Week: Batista

Ratings Report
SmackDown: July 4- 1.6 Rating (Up From Last Week’s 2.5 Rating)
RAW: July 7- 3.5 Rating (Same As Last Week)
ECW: July 8- 1.4 Rating (Same As Last Week)