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WWE: List of all released Superstars in 2008 so far

The following is a list of all 20 WWE wrestlers that have been released so far this year.

Main WWE Roster Departures
Ashley Massaro
Balls Mahoney
Bobby Lashley
Dave Taylor
Torrie Wilson
Trevor Murdoch

WWE Developmental Departures
Ace Steel
Al Snow (former developmental trainer in OVW)
Antoni Polaski (former ECW wrestler Amish Roadkill)
Chet The Jet (following a WWE Wellness Program violation)
Chris Gray
Derrick Neikirk (following a WWE Wellness Program violation)
Germán Figueroa (former TNA wrestler Apolo)
Kassidy James
Mike Mondo (following a DUI arrest two weeks earlier)
Ryan Bishop (former football player that got cut one month into his wrestling training)
Shawn Osborne
Silas Young
Tommy Taylor