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Eric Bischoff teasing return to wrestling on his blog

Eric Bischoff has updated his blog on his official website, He speaks on his new reality show with Hulk Hogan that is produced by Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment, his new reality show and also teases that he would return to the competitive wrestling business again. Below is a piece of his blog:

On July 2, Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment finished production on “Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling” for CMT. This was an idea that my partner Jason Hervey and I have been working on for quite some time. As I have stated before, when we first brought the idea to Hulk, he liked it but was pretty committed to another show (Hogan Knows Best) and it was a question of timing. For me personally, it was also a question of whether or not I really wanted to commit to being involved in another wrestling project. Anyone who knows me well knows that I like new challenges. I must to have a “been there, done that” gene that makes it difficult for me to get excited about doing things that are in any way “less than” experiences I have already had.

This project certainly fulfilled that pre-requisite. In my book “Controversy Creates Cash” I discuss my “better than, less than, or different than” approach to creative strategy and solutions. This reality show hit on all eight cylinders by being different than any other wrestling show on television, and therefore in my own not-so humble opinion, “better than”. The wrestling ability of the cast and their performances improved so dramatically over the period of just a couple of weeks, that even the most cynical critics will be surprised. The effort that our production team as well as Jimmy, Brian, Brutus and Hulk, and a hundred others put into this effort really makes me very proud of the product.

It has also whet my appetite.

People continue to ask me if I will ever get back into the wrestling business in a competitive way. I ended “Controversy Creates Cash” with six words: “Probably Not, But Never Say Never”.

I’m glad I did.