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Jesse Ventura comments on a recent angle he proposed to Vince, vows revenge

Jesse Ventura was a guest on Howard Stern (Sirius Howard 100) this morning. Dot Net reader Jagger K. filed the following report.

They discussed a variety of topics for well over an hour (including unionizing, wrestling, Hulk Hogan pimping his children on TV, politics, 9-11, etc.)
One thing that was extremely interesting was Ventura discussed an angle he proposed to Vince McMahon for this year’s WrestleMania.

Jesse wanted to Vince to announce the WWE would be getting into politics because he did not like the current climate and candidates, and ask WWE fans to get the WWE Party on every states ballots by organizing a campaign. Once WWE was on all states ballots, Vince would announce the Presidential candidate—himself.

Jesse then said he would come out and confront Vince and say no way would he allow that and he would work an angle with Vince at WM where he would have won and gone on to be the WWE candidate and actually run a real campaign. He said Vince never responded and that Vince will regret that because Navy Seals do not get mad, but get even.