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WWE: Big Update on Mick Foley Possibly Leaving WWE

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New reports indicate that Mick Foley’s current WWE run could conclude at SummerSlam. Foley’s contract is set to expire soon and it’s unknown whether he will move forward as the SmackDown color commentator.

There are some lingering hard feelings between Foley and Vince that stem from the WWE chairman coming down hard on him while producing him through the headsets. One incident in particular occurred a while back when Foley was still working with Michael Cole and got so bothered by what Vince said to him that he called him later that night. The word going around backstage is that Vince has toned things down while producing Foley since then, but Mick is still bothered by the way he and other announcers have been treated.

Vince is notoriously tough on his broadcasters and the feeling is that Foley was never exposed to that side of him during his wrestling days.

Right now the ball is in Foley’s court, as WWE definitely wants to keep him under contract. The feeling is that Foley will only re-sign if he’s having fun and won’t have to put up with Vince’s maniacal rants on the headsets, otherwise he just might walk away. It’s said that he is in a very financially secure position and sees no reason to continue working every week if he’s not having fun.

Foley is expected to appear at WWE’s SummerSlam PPV this year in some capacity, and if he decides to leave the company, it may just be his final WWE appearance.