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WWE: Buyrate for for recent PPVs revealed

WWE has released it’s PPV buyrates for Backlash, One Night Stand, Night of Champions and Judgment Day of this year. WWE can consider this release good news as all 4 PPV events drew better numbers this year than they did in 2007. The full breakdowns can be viewed at

Here is a quick rundown of what WWE has reported:

  • WWE Backlash: 200,000 buys (194,000 buys in 2007)
  • WWE Judgment Day: 252,000 buys (242,000 buys in 2007)
  • WWE One Night Stand: 194,000 buys (186,000 buys in 2007)
  • WWE Night of Champions: 273,000 buys (243,000 buys in 2007)