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WWE: News on current writing team set up

To update the current writing situation, Michael Hayes and Chris DeJoseph are currently writing Smackdown together. Hayes serves as the head writer for the show while DeJoseph works directly underneath him. One of the reasons why DeJoseph is said to be successful as a writer is because he is in touch with the younger audience, having knowledge of MTV and VH1 programming. ECW is being written almost entirely by Ed Koskey, and will remain doing so until Hayes is back on the show.

Although it appears to most fans that Smackdown is quickly becoming the "A" show within WWE TV, it should be noted that Vince McMahon still puts 75-85% of his focus on Monday Night Raw. At this point Vince is dedicated to making Raw and Smackdown the best they can be, while still treating ECW as somewhat of a televised developmental brand