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WWE Spoilers: Update on the Situation with WWE Announcers is reporting that SmackDown Color Commentator Mick Foley has asked the WWE to remove him from the color commentator position. To update the uninformed, Foley has been unhappy with the way the Vince McMahon yells in his ear while trying to commentate on SmackDown and at pay-per-views. Foley will go home if he’s not "having fun", being financially secure enough to support himself and his family, Foley does not need the money. If things don’t change, then Foley will leave the announce position. This is where it gets a tad bit confusing. With Foley unhappy as SmackDown Color Commentator, WWE arranged for Edge to "injure" Foley on last week’s show so that they can figure out what to do. In the mean time, they put RAW’s Matt Striker on ECW to substitute for Tazz while Tazz filled in for Mick Foley this week. It’s currently unknwon if WWE will stick with this formation or if they will bring in someone new to fill Foley’s seat on SmackDown. WWE has quite the reservoir for former wrestlers or wrestlers who are going nowhere. Guys like Val Venis, who is recovering from a shoulder injury, has not done anything of merit for a few years now and would be a good fill for the spot, depending on if he feels he is done wrestling. With Shawn Michaels possibly retiring from wrestling at SummerSlam, he could also commentate for SmackDown, though he has expressed that he would rather spend time at home with his family. Arn Anderson is on the payroll as RAW’s Senior Producer, he could double as the commentator. Christopher Nowinski, Dean Malenko, and Gene Okerlund are a few other names worth pondering. WWE could always have Tazz work both ECW & SmackDown as a commentator. Any of these are possibilites and for some, opportunities.