CBlog XVIII- WWE Releases Seven Superstars

I decided to post a little bit of a special edition of the CBlog. In the past two days, WWE has released seven different superstars and I thought I would offer my thoughts on the released…
Shannon Moore- Just another jobber on the roster who never really seemed to do anything noticeable. A filler of sorts. I haven’t seen him do anything notable since he was a Matt Hardy “Mattitude Follower”.
James “Nunzio” Maritato- Much like the other ones who were released, Nunzio was simply a jobber. Granted, being a jobber in the WWE is probably as good as it’ll get for Nunzio at this point. He has done better than the others, though, he got a run with the Cruiserweight Title.
Cliff “Domino” Compton- Much like it was with Trevor Murdoch, the weak link of these split tag teams always seem to be released. Domino had nothing special going for him and was barely even used as a jobber. He did get a decent little run with the WWE Tag Titles though.
Kurt “James Curtis” Seller- Ever since 2006, Seller has been another member of the “professional jobbers” list. The reason the others aren’t on that list is that they have had a decent run that actually had them win some matches. Seller has just jobbed left and right. He should have been released with Idol Stevens.
Chris “Braden Walker” Harris- I never saw what Harris’ appeal was. Apparently, he put on some weight in between his departure from TNA and arrival in WWE. He was just too bland, in my mind, and apparently WWE thought the same.
Joseph “Nick Patrick” Hamilton, Jr.- I’ve never liked Nick Patrick. He just overdoes his selling and it always annoyed me. He always seemed like a crap referee, anyways.
Nelson “Big Daddy V” Frazier, Jr.- To me, this was the biggest release (no pun intended) of the lot. Frazier has been in WWE ever since 1993 (he had that very brief TNA run, but who remembers that?) as Mabel, Viscera, and obviously, Big Daddy V. He won the King of the Ring Tournament in 1995 and is a former Hardcore & World Tag Team Champion.
I think WWE should, and still might, release guys like The Highlanders, Hardcore Holly, Boogeyman, Armando Estrada, Ricky Ortiz, Funaki, Charlie Haas, Jimmy Wang Yang, Jillian, & Snitsky to name a few. Paul London might as well be released too. He’s got the talent, but WWE’s not sending him anywhere but the unemployment line at this point.
I know I said I might post a blog after tonight’s SmackDown, but unless something big happens, it’ll probably be after RAW. Until next time…