CBlog XVIX- Orton, Kennedy & Tonights RAW

I opted to post a blog before RAW so that I can focus on a few different topics, rather than posting one while my brain is flooded with what happened on RAW. RAW tends to be pretty eventful every week, so I will also be posting a blog after tonight’s RAW.
Speaking of tonight’s RAW, three things are confirmed for the last RAW before SummerSlam- 1) JBL and CM Punk will face off in a mystery challenge that JBL says CM Punk “can’t win”. My guess is that it’ll be a Beer Drinking Contest (since Punk protests not drinking alcohol or doing drugs and JBL has said that he thinks that lifestyle is “boring”). 2) RAW General Manager Mike Adamle will confront Kane to find out what Kane has in that burlap sack he’s been carrying around for about a month or so. Even though a swerve by WWE is very highly possible, I expect that “mystery item” to be Kane’s old mask. On a side-note, I would love to see Kane chokeslam Adamle. That would amuse me very much. If the item in the bag is his mask, then this “is he alive or dead?” thing may end up at Kane wondering about his former self, even though it seems more likely that it will lead to Kane attempting to “kill” Mr. McMahon at the Draft Show in June. 3) In a rematch from last week, John Cena & Batista will defend their newly won World Tag Team Titles against former champs- Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase. I think this one could really go either way, but for the sake of making a prediction, I will say that Batista will turn on Cena and that Rhodes & DiBiase will regain their titles one week after losing them.
For those who missed it or don’t regularly visit, the website announced sometime today that Randy Orton has re-injured his clavicle in a motorcycle accident and will be out for another three months, as opposed to his original return date, which should have been any week now or even at this Sunday’s SummerSlam. I would hazard to say that Orton will return at either No Mercy or Survivor Series. Orton was doing some promotional appearances overseas in Germany and places like that, so I am guessing that it occurred in his free time in one of those places. It seems reckless and borderline stupid to be taking risks like that when you are barely 100% after a broken clavicle. Contrary to what I just said, I am a big Randy Orton fan. Sure, his run with the WWE Title got stale and boring a few months in, but I was and am still a fan of his and look forward to seeing him back sooner than later.
By process of elimination, I’ll now give my thoughts on Mr. Kennedy. Also on (though not given as much attention), WWE confirmed Kennedy’s shoulder injury that other wrestling sites had reported last Tuesday (I guess they was waiting for doctor(s) to confirm it). Anyways, he’s been diagnosed with a separated shoulder and, according to the site, he will undergo two weeks of physical therapy to determine if he will need surgery or not. They did not elaborate or speculate on how long Kennedy will be out if he does need surgery, but I would guess it would be somewhere between three and six months. I am also a fan of Kennedy’s, but he’s one of those guys that seem to be highly injury-prone, much like Rey Mysterio (who I am not a fan of, by the way). I hate to speculate, but I would think that WWE is questioning Kennedy’s value to the company. In addition to being injury-prone, he also seems to be “spinning his wheels” no matter what brand he’s on. As a face or heel, he’s stuck in the mid-card, but he isn’t really “popping” off of the screen like a big time superstar. He just seems to be bland and worn out in character and in physical shape. Before this setback, I was looking forward to him facing Shelton Benjamin for the United States Title (possibly at SummerSlam) and winning it for a second time and getting a decent run with it. I know how that sounds seeing as I just said I was a fan of his, but sometimes, you got to admit that one of your favorite superstars has lost his luster. I think Kennedy would be more fitted for ECW, as a mid-carder on SmackDown equals a main eventer on ECW.
I hadn’t originally planned on discussing this, but it just now came to mind. It’s about D-Lo Brown. I will, again, say that I am a fan of D-Lo (I do not like every WWE Superstar, by the way, but it seems that everyone I am talking about, I am a fan of), but WWE seems to have lost interest in D-Lo. In his official return to the WWE, he beat Marella on RAW about three weeks ago. The week after that, he was on the losing team in an Intergender Match that pitted himself and Kelly Kelly against Santino Marella & Beth Phoenix (he did not get pinned). Last week, he didn’t even appear on RAW (unless I missed it). I would like to see D-Lo involved in the Intercontinental Title scene, at least. I think he could hang in the World Heavyweight Title picture and I would rather see him face Punk for the title than JBL. They could also do a “Jeff” (Hardy, that is) and have him be the Intercontinental Champion and challenge for the World Title, but I guess I’m getting ahead of myself with that. In any case, I think D-Lo is being underutilized, but maybe things will change this week or next.
That’s all I got for now, expect another blog after RAW. Peace.