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WWE: Batista Speaks of his disapointment at SummerSlam match build up

Slam! Sports conducted an interview with Batista where he claimed he’s less than thrilled with the creative buildup for his match against John Cena. “It’s one of those things where, personally I like the long, drawn-out storylines,” Batista told Slam Wrestling. “The buildups to big matches where Triple H and I are the perfect example. We had such a buildup for our match. Cena and I being in such a marquee match, I really wish the buildup had been allowed.

“I think a match like that deserves the fan’s emotional investment. It’s way too soon. It’s just an attraction match and I think it’s more valuable than that, I think it’s been wasted a little bit. It will still be a hell of a match, I just wish some more emotional investment put into the match. Right now, I feel it’s more of an attraction, something that’s new and fresh.”