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Breaking WWE News: Three Developmental Releases

WWE released three developmental wrestlers today – Charles “The Hammer” Evans, Matt O’Neal and Brad Attitude.

Evans had been in developmental since 2006 and had worked a few dark & house show matches for WWE. He appeared at WrestleMania this year as a part of Floyd Mayweather’s entourage. Evans looked like a prime candidate to get called up to WWE at some point, but he never made it.

Regarding the other two releases, Matt O’Neal and Brad Attitude, they’re so obscure, not too many people even knew they were under contract to WWE. I don’t think O’Neal or Attitude have ever competed on a Florida Championship Wrestling show. Nonetheless, O’Neal is a former football player WWE scout Ty Bailey hired sometime ago. Brad Attitude has appeared as an enhancement worker on WWE television a few times over the years, losing to the likes of Bobby Lashley and Mark Henry.