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TNA: Big update on Nash walking out during a recent iMPACT taping

As we reported several weeks ago, Kevin Nash walked out of a July 29th iMPACT taping when he became unhappy with a planned match he was to be involved in. Nash has a creative control deal in his contract which stipulates he must approve of whatever TNA books for him. He was booked for the July 29th taping in a 10 man weapons gauntlet match and an interview. After reading the script, he got upset that it was a "weapons" gauntlet as he doesn’t like being in matches like that and complained that the company was showcasing too many weapons-style matches on free TV.

Nash was also upset when he was booked to be eliminated third in the match during a commercial along with BG James and Lance Hoyt. He felt none of it made sense, said he wasn’t doing it, and went home. The belief is that if 90% of the wrestlers on the TNA roster had done this then they would be gone, but since Nash is who he is he got away with it. Even people who are not big fans of Nash backstage felt he was in the right on this decision and were not criticizing him for it.

It should also be noted that Nash was already said to be upset with TNA before this incident took place. Nash had scheduled a vacation to last until July 15 as he wasn’t booked on the Victory Road PPV in Houston. He then got a call that he had to be on the PPV, so he cut his vacation two days short, flew to Houston and when he got there he was told he was only needed for one backstage segment with Samoa Joe.

Keep in mind, though, that Nash has been very open to putting over the younger guys and really has been all about helping TNA and not causing any issues. For the most part, things appear to be back to normal at this point.