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WWE RAW August 11, 2008 Results

The 794’th edition of WWE RAW came to you, live, from the Richmond Coliseum in Richmond, VA (Mickie James’ Hometown).

Match Results

-Beth Phoenix def. Kelly Kelly by pin following the Glam Slam.
-Intergender Match: Non-Title: Santino Marella (with Beth Phoenix) def. Mickie James (with Kofi Kingston) by roll-up with the tights.
-Cryme Tyme def. The Highlanders (in their return to RAW) by Shad pinning Robbie McAllister following the Thugnificent.
-Drinking Contest: CM Punk & JBL contest to a No Contest after CM Punk throws the liquor in the eyes of JBL.
-SummerSlam Match On RAW: Chris Jericho (with Lance Cade, Mike Adamle, & Adamle’s Security) def. Kane by pin following the Codebreaker.
-William Regal def. Jamie Noble by pin following the Regal Knee.
-World Tag Team Championship: Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase def. John Cena & Batista (c) by Ted DiBiase rolling up John Cena (c) to win the World Tag Team Titles.

Match Quality

1) World Tag Team Championship
2) Kane Vs. Chris Jericho
3) Santino Marella Vs. Mickie James
4) Drinking Contest
5) Cryme Tyme Vs. The Highlanders
6) Beth Phoenix Vs. Kelly Kelly
7) William Regal Vs. Jamie Noble


Kane revealed that he had the mask of Rey Mysterio in his burlap bag.