CBlog XXIII- RAW, Unforgiven & Ortons Injury

I was disappointed with this week’s edition of RAW. It seems to me that RAW is starting to head down a steady decline heading back to where it was before the Draft. I hope I am wrong, but areas of RAW are starting to become bland again.

My biggest complaint about RAW was the World Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase jobbing to Cena in a Handicap Match. Why is WWE intent on burying what is left of the tag team titles and the tag team division? They might as well drop the tag team championships, they’re close to worthless now. When the best part of RAW does not even make it on the air, that says something about the quality of the show. The part I am speaking of is Santino Marella’s acceptance speech on RAW. It was classic.

Speaking of champions, Unforgiven’s World Heavyweight Title Match should be interesting with this new “Adamle Original”, called the “World Heavyweight Championship Scramble” that will see champion CM Punk defend his title against John Cena, Kane, JBL, & Batista with a 20 Minute Time Limit. Whoever earns a pin or submission in the match will be the temporary champion and whoever is the temporary champion when the time expires will leave Cleveland the World Heavyweight Champion. A little complicated, but not too. They done a similar thing a couple of times in 2000, but with the Hardcore Title, most notably at WrestleMania 2000. The difference being is that whoever won the belt in that match was an official champion, even if they lost the belt to someone else. I see CM Punk retaining here, but that’s far from being a solid prediction. I think we can rule out Kane or JBL getting the belt, so I think it will be down to Punk, Cena, & Batista as the top three candidates to take or keep the title. With Batista beating Cena at SummerSlam, if anyone is going to win the title from Punk, it will be Batista, but again, I am predicting a successful title defense by Punk.

I read in yesterday’s edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Randy Orton may be faking his re-injured clavicle that he suffered in a motorcycle accident like a week ago. That honestly never came to mind, but it would not be unlikely that Orton and/or WWE are telling the fans this to surprise them with Orton returning ahead of time like they did with Cena at the Rumble. Meltzer said that the local St. Louis news stations did not mention the wreck, nor was there a police report on it. After reading this, I got to believe that the Meltz may be on to something. If you think about it, how convenient (or inconvenient, depending on how you want to look at it) that Orton happened to re-injure his broken clavicle, but suffered no other injuries? It does seem a bit farfetched, but I am still on the fence as to whether WWE has anything to do with it or not. If it were a lie perpetrated by WWE, then I think they could come up with a better lie than that. It’s one of those things where time will tell.

I won’t make any guarantees of when my next blog will be, but if anything notable happens this week, you might be hearing from me. Peace.