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TNA: Gail Kim finished with the company has confirmed that Gail Kim is indeed through with TNA. No details yet regarding this sudden news, but they should be coming out soon.

Kim’s profile and photos were quietly removed from the company website earlier today. Regarding the speculation on the removal of her stuff from the website, one TNA source said, "It means exactly what you think it means."

Kim had been with the company for nearly three years – since September 2005. Kim was originally brought in as a pesky heel valet for Jeff Jarrett and America’s Most Wanted. When the Knockouts division was created, Kim was pegged as the star babyface. Kim became the first ever TNA Women’s Knockout Champion and had a good feud with Awesome Kong. Kim lost the belt on an episode of Impact in January and the focus of the division shifted to some of the other girls. As of late she was a top face in the company, but no longer the top face, sharing the spotlight with Taylor Wilde and ODB.