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TNA/WWE: Gail Kim to re-sign with WWE after recent departure from TNA?

Gail Kim‘s departure from TNA has taken several people by surprise. One source told me this morning that he knew her contract was being renegotiated, but most people assumed it was a lock that she would re-sign with the company. There was no indication at the last set of television tapings that Kim was leaving in that there were no parties, nor was she saying goodbye to other wrestlers. "This really sucks for the women (in TNA)," one source told me.

Another source noted that Kim "wanted guarantees TNA was not willing to give," and noted that there were some issues over the separate contract she has with a booking agent who lines her up with personal appearances that created some conflict.

There is plenty of speculation that Kim will end up returning to World Wrestling Entertainment at some point. Kevin Eck of the Baltimore Sun reported in his Ring Posts column earlier today that he was told by an industry source recently that WWE was interested in bringing back Kim if TNA failed to re-sign her.