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WWE: What’s Wrong With The P25 This Week

A lot of you probably thought this little idea was dead, but it’s not. I was waiting for the Power 25 people to mess up enough for me to post it here. They have messed up a little here and there, but this week’s seems worth noting, though there are only a couple:

  • #24: Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder- "Another week out of action doesn’t bode well for the WWE Tag Team Champions. It also doesn’t look too good when they both are decimated by Undertaker with back-to-back chokeslams." I guess it was a mirage when they competed in the 10-Man Battle Royal on SmackDown.
  • Side Box: D-Lo Brown- "If it weren’t for The Glamazon, it looked as if D-Lo were on the fast track to becoming Intercontinental Champion on Raw. Santino and Kofi both should be on notice as D-Lo might insert himself into the Intercontinental Title hunt." Had the match been for the title, that might have been true. This one really struck a nerve with me, as virtually everyone keeps saying that the match between Santino and D-Lo was for the Intercontinental Title. It was NOT for the belt. Cole messed up, but was corrected by Lawler on RAW. You think of all people, would be aware of that.
  • #22: Santino Marella- "Thanks to Beth Phoenix, the Intercontinental Championship is still around Santino Marella’s waist. "Glamarella" seems to be a lethal pairing, and now that they are both wearing gold, everyone better watch out." Still around his waist? I guess it’s easy to forget the four champions that have held the title since he lost it in April of last year. I know it’s just a one-word typo, but I thought I’d include it.
  • #2: Batista- "What a week forThe Animal! First, he showed himself to be the better man in the bout between him and John Cena. Then, he destroyed Paul Burchill on Raw. Now what’s The Animal going to do about Kane?" I guess beating Paul Burchill in a squash match is more worthy of a mention than Batista being in the World Heavyweight Championship Scramble at Unforgiven.