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WWE: Reason for Layla’s absence from TV revealed

The following message was posted on Layla El’s MySpace page today: This is Renida. Lay’s best friend. She has been experiencing a huge loss in her life right now. Her mother passed away unexpectedly and she’s been out of the country dealing with everything. I wanted you all to be aware of what is going on and send out as much positive energy and prayer to help her get through this difficult time in her life. The WWE has really helpful and understanding with her taking a little time off right now but she will definitely be back in full force before September. This is the reason she hasn’t been on my space lately. If any one of you have experienced losing someone in your life who meant a lot, you know how she’s feeling and that it takes time to heal. I spoke to Lay today and she’s being strong for the rest of her fam, she also gave me the ok to write something to her fans letting you know what’s going on with her. She loves you and she thanks all of you for your support.