CBlog XXIV- WWE RAW, Unforgiven & Cena's Injury

Let me start off with the unfortunate news – John Cena has a severely herniated disc in his neck and will require surgery, leaving him out of action, indefinitely. The probability of him making another early return seems very unlikely. With Cena gone from television for who knows how long, I for one will certainly enjoy the WWE a lot more with the extra time given to the remaining Raw roster.
This week’s RAW. Again, I was unimpressed with this week’s edition of RAW. It may have been because I was (and still am) dead tired for some unknown reason or it may be because the show just sucked. Punk Vs. JBL was okay, but it was the third match in the series and the third match Punk won clean. I think it’s time they quit having them have one-on-one matches for awhile.
Phoenix Vs. Kelly was what you would expect it to be, poor. Just having Santino at ringside made the match seem a little better anyways. Similar situation with the Intercontinental Title Match- having Santino in it made it better than it was. I am still waiting for D-Lo Brown to get an opportunity at the Intercontinental Title.
Pretty much all the other matches sucked to me. The Michaels/Jericho bit was very well done, as it has been from the get-go. Their Unsanctioned Match at Unforgiven should be good, no doubt.
As far as Rey Mysterio replacing John Cena in the Championship Scramble at Unforgiven, I think it’s about the only realistic move WWE could do at this point. Granted, they could have thrown a mid-carder or worse into the match, just look at what they did on SmackDown.
Here are my predictions thus far for Unforgiven:
World Heavyweight Championship Scramble- I think CM Punk will win the match in the end, but I expect a couple of interim champions to be crowned in the process.
WWE Championship Scramble- Obviously, given the competitors that are in this match, it’s pretty much a guarantee that Triple H will retain. Jeff Hardy is the only possible threat in the match. Still, I don’t expect there to be any interim champions at all.
Unsanctioned Match- I am going with Shawn Michaels in this one. It’s just the way to go for this feud and what may be Michaels’ last match. I expect there to be blood involved in this one. I also expect it to be the show-stealer.
World Tag Team Championship- Seeing as they just won the titles back on August 11, I think Rhodes & DiBiase will retain, but I am not completely behind that prediction. It would be nice to see Cryme Tyme get a championship run.
I will probably be posting another blog either after SmackDown on Friday or after next week’s RAW, unless something big happens in between. Peace.