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WWE: Top Lawyer comments on lawsuit brought by former employees

Jerry McDevitt, a high powered attorney for WWE, has spoken out with The Sun about the lawsuit currently being filed against the company by Scott Levy (Raven), Mike Sanders and Chris Klucsarits. The following points made by McDevitt attempt to highlight why he feels the claims made in the case are bogus and will result in failure for the three former WWE workers.

“The IRS has never challenged the treatment of our wrestlers and they have audited the company several times.”

“I think the key point to be made here is that every one of these people signed contracts acknowledging they were independent contractors.

That second quote could prove to the be a "nail in the coffin," so to speak, as the wrestlers cannot prove they were not independent contractors. The case would then have to be made whether or not wrestlers SHOULD be independent contractors. You can read the entire article at this link.