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TNA: Kevin Nash upset again; speaks about his creative control

Prowrestling.NET is reporting that Kevin Nash is upset yet again with how he is being booked creatively. He was apparently bothered by the booking of his match against Kurt Angle which aired last night on Impact, and he was also said to be unhappy with the direction of a few backstage segments. The feeling backstage is that Nash’s reactions to creative are getting a bit out of hand, with one source claiming "he needs to go." There have been rumors circulating that Nash is looking to head back to WWE, possibly as a bodyguard for Shawn Michaels. His contract with TNA is set to expire on October, however he is being careful not to upset creative too much in fear of being jobbed out should he opt to leave the company.

Nash also recently spoke about his creative control in TNA in an interview with the Baltimore Sun. He said, "the only control I have in TNA is to monitor what I do physically." He insinuated that he can object to taking part in over the top gimmick matches. Nash also commented on a report that he objected to taking part in the TNA gauntlet weapons match. "I have a clause in my contract that states when it comes to physicality, I have the right to veto with creative things that I don’t feel that are safe or warranted," he said. He explained that he was asked to carry a pipe in the ring and said he was worried about his safety and the fans. He said he left the show with permission from Jeff Jarrett. To view the two-part interview, click here.