CBlog XXV- WWE RAW, Rey and Unforgiven

RAW was average to me this week. Granted, it may have been better had there not been spoilers on every single wrestling site or in every wrestling email I got after RAW was taped this past Sunday. It was nice to see Randy Orton make an appearance on RAW, even though it would have been better if it was a surprise. It was also good to see him playing an intricate part on RAW. I do look forward to his in-ring return, which will hopefully be sooner than later.
The other highlight of RAW was the Contract Signing for Jericho Vs. Michaels at Unforgiven, even though HBK did take a nasty spill to the outside, tearing his left triceps in the process. I hope that Michaels will still be able to go on Sunday, as the Unsanctioned Match between Jericho & Michaels should be the show-stealer and it will make an interesting, possibly final, chapter in this excellent feud.
Rey Mysterio also returned on RAW, but that was not really a surprise, either and I did not even know about him returning before hand, but the fact that he was advertised in a match was reason enough to know he would return in some capacity on RAW. I am still liking this Rey/Kane feud and I hope it continues and evolves through Unforgiven. Candice Michelle returned to RAW, but I could really care less. announced that Divas Champion Michelle McCool will defend her title against Maryse this Sunday, which I think should be a decent match. I expect McCool to retain, though I would like to see Maryse with the belt at some point.
I really wish I had more to discuss, but RAW was a bore to me, really and nothing else of interest has really happened that I can think of except for the passing of Killer Kowalski. Not to be cruel, but that was one of those things where it was a matter of time after he got taken off of life support. Killer had a good long life and plenty to show for it.
I will probably be posting another blog after Unforgiven this Sunday. Peace.

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