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WWE: Update on Shawn Michaels’ Injury; Can He Compete At Unforgiven?

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After a comprehensive examination, it has been determined that Shawn Michaels suffered a small tear on his left triceps during a confrontation with Chris Jericho, but is medically cleared to wrestle.

"Before the MRI," Michaels told, "my doctor was 99.9 percent sure that I had a full tear of my triceps and that I would experience bruising, swelling and a loss of my range of motion. Through the power of prayer, none of those things happened and I am ready for Unforgiven."

Michaels’ Unsanctioned Match with Jericho at Sunday’s pay-per-view is as personal as any contest in sports-entertainment history. After Jericho struck HBK’s wife during Michaels’ retirement announcement at SummerSlam due to an eye injury suffered at Jericho’s hands, The Showstopper has had his mind and heart set on revenge.

"Regardless of what the MRI revealed, I made it clear that I was going forward with this match," he said.

At the conclusion of Raw this week, after signing a contract for the pay-per-view match and fending off a surprise attack by Lance Cade, WWE fans at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis saw Michaels favoring his left elbow, which he appeared to injure. Immediate medical examination revealed a damaged left triceps.

What effect will this injury have on Shawn Michaels’ attempt at retribution against Chris Jericho this Sunday?