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TNA: Gail Kim trying to make a deal to stay?

PWTorch has learned that Gail Kim has personally reached out to Dixie Carter to see if a deal can be struck for her to return to TNA after all. As PWTorch has reported in multiple instances over the past week, friends have said she felt terrible about leaving TNA, but felt she had to because WWE’s offer was at least triple what TNA’s supposed final offer was.

Kim did reportedly meet with WWE officials, but has been hestitant to sign a deal with WWE due to her happiness with working for TNA – other than the lowball offer she was given.

From what we understand, neither Kim nor Dixie Carter were happy with the way TNA reps and Kim’s reps (lawyers and/or agent) handled the negotiations, and both have decided to at least see if a return could be worked out.

Carter has asked some tough questions to people within TNA lately whom she trusted to handle this part of the business well; there are indications she felt out of the loop and wanted to try to make the situation right.