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WWE: Ending Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak talked about last week

The subject of Undertaker’s streak was discussed in booking this past week. The idea of someone beating Undertaker has always been talked of as a way to make a new superstar’s career, and not something you’d do for an established star. Generally the feeling had been that Undertaker would never lose at Mania. Vince said he wasn’t opposed to the idea but it has to be with a guy everyone agreed was a sure thing. He didn’t want to waste something big on a “maybe” guy. People will be leery because of Lesnar and Lashley, as Lesnar could have been a prime candidate if they were open-minded about it in, say, 2003 but that year was always built around Lesnar-Angle as the dream match and by 2004, they had the Goldberg dream match and then it was over. A lot of names were talked about, but nobody could agree on a guy. DiBiase was the most talked about and Vince came out very high on him, but it’s nothing they feel could be done by next year. It was brought up as a potential thing for years down the line, if DiBiase ends up as the next Orton (which is obviously the goal, but hopefully without the immaturity as well as injury prone nature Orton has demonstrated in the past). There is an idea of a long-term story bringing up that Ted’s father in storyline introduced Undertaker to WWF.