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WWE: Update on Batista’s Status

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The feeling within WWE is that Vince McMahon will go out of his way to keep Batista in the main event scene. Batista has mentioned the idea of retiring in a year or two, and both current and former colleagues believe he really means it and is not just posturing for a better contract. However, Vince will likely sweeten up his deal to make Batista happy and active in the ring if he has to.

Some say that Batista has a reputation as a bit of a free spender and that might be one reason he would consider staying with WWE. However, the consensus among others is that he’s managed his money well, having spent a lot but made a lot more.

Batista does big business for WWE overseas. Apparently he is the most popular wrestler on international tours and WWE is well aware of this, which would explain why Vince would go out of his way to keep him happy.