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WWE: What Were The Original Plans for Ryan Braddock?

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that prior to his debut, one idea pitched for SmackDown Superstar Ryan Braddock was for him to be brought in as the cousin of John Bradshaw Layfield. However, Layfield saw him work a few dark matches and felt Braddock projected himself too much as a mid-carder. As a result, Layfield nixed the idea. WWE felt that Braddock had been in developmental forever and needed to justify their investment in him, hence his recent call-up to the main roster. However, he appears to be in the James Curtis position of putting over wrestlers getting pushed. The feeling is that guys will get over with wins over Braddock because he’s a big guy. Also, Braddock did a gimmick similar to JBL for years in developmental by wearing a white towel and short black jacket.