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WWE: Magazine article causes anger within company

There was major heat this past week between WWE and Fighting Spirit magazine in the U.K. The magazine printed a memo sent by WWE to members of the gaming press covering the new Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 videogame. In some hilarious attempts at control, WWE said that the press could not use any screenshots of superstars (oh, and wrestlers are not allowed to be called wrestlers, only superstars) bleeding or weapons being used. Okay, I get that WWE is trying to be PG since they realize adults no longer attend their live events but kids do in droves. It’s actually right decision for the time, but if that’s the case, shouldn’t that stuff they don’t want screenshots of not be in the game in the first place? But the funniest is that no screenshots are allowed of HHH “in a defenseless or vulnerable position.” Man, somebody has gotten far more thin-skinned about his character than one should be. WWE was furious that this memo was published, and, in defying the order, that the magazine published a screenshot of a character that looks like HHH with synthol filled pecs and delts on his back with Kane hovering over him.