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WWE: Matt Hardy posts cryptic blog about “Nashville experiance”

The following was a blog written by Matt Hardy entitled "Nashville Experience".

"I had a nice celebratory dinner and some good fellowship with some WWE friends," Hardy wrote. "I also had the best breakfast sandwich ever in the Nashville airport Wednesday morning.

"I then took the nice, easy flight back over to Raleigh, and was back home before I knew it. That evening, myself, Jeff, and Beth [Jeff’s fiancee] had the best Japanese hibachi and sushi ever. Everything is good. Jeff and I will see you guys and gals Sunday in Columbus."

He obviously doesn’t mention the "incident" with Jeff Hardy being removed from the plane, but does put over that everything is fine. Based on this, it seems as if the issue with Jeff is not what some people have certainly been worried about, but we still have no idea what actually happened either. We will continue to try and find out more information and will keep you posted.