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WWE: Update on Jeff Hardy incident at airport

According to an eyewitness, there was an incident shortly before 11 AM Wednesday morning at the Nashville International Airport involving WWE star Jeff Hardy, who was removed from his flight heading to North Carolina. Hardy, who was traveling with Gregory Helms and his brother Matt, was taken off his flight flanked by several police officers.

"Hardy wasn’t in handcuffs, but he was clearly being ‘escorted’, said an eyewitness who asked not to be identified. "They weren’t touching him though, but they had him flanked. He was wearing the same clothes he left the building in Tuesday night. Once they got him off the plane they allowed him to use his phone, before leading him away."

There were conflicting stories floating around among WWE performers following Wednesday’s incident. At this point we are still looking to confirm exactly what the reason was that Hardy was removed from the plane and we don’t want to speculate any further beyond that.

We can confirm Hardy was removed from his scheduled flight after boarding the plane and that the story had made its way around Titan Tower, where there was concern about his standing with the company. The story was a big topic of conversation among WWE’s workers yesterday as well.

Calls made on Wednesday to the Nashville International Airport’s Investigations department by were not returned.