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WWE: Alcohol policy clears Jeff Hardy of any punishment?

According to WWE’s alcohol policy, it appears as if Jeff Hardy is indeed clear of any punishment people may have speculated he could/should receive. I have read a few posts on other websites presumptuously deciding that Hardy should be punished for "appearing" to be intoxicated and was subsequently setting a bad example to other wrestlers by sending the message that this type of behavior is allowed. Those condemnations are absurd to me as there was never any proof that he was in fact drunk, and if you read WWE’s alcohol policy, he was in fact doing nothing against company regulations.

Here’s WWE’s official policy on alcohol abuse:

The use and/or abuse of alcohol in such a fashion so as to impair the ability to perform is prohibited by this Policy. Talent are expected to be free of the influence of alcohol when performing for WWE. Accordingly, the use of alcohol at any time twelve hours prior to any scheduled performance is prohibited by this Policy.

1. Testing for alcohol use or abuse in violation of this Policy shall be for reasonable cause only as defined in Section 7A.

2. The initial positive test for use and/or abuse of alcohol in violation of this Policy will be treated as a medical issue requiring evaluation for alcohol rehabilitation treatment. All subsequent positive tests for alcohol-related violations of this Policy shall be treated as disciplinary matters in accordance with this Policy.

Keep in mind that alcohol abuse and use are two very different things.