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WWE: Two Raw superstars close to being released?

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that two Raw superstars are currently on the proverbial "chopping block" and may be in danger of being released.

Paul London, who hasn’t been seen on TV in quite some time and isn’t being used much on house shows, is said to be close to termination. He doesn’t have any allies on the creative team which is why there has been no focus on repackaging him like they did with Kendrick.

Chuck Palumbo, who has yet to make his Raw debut since being drafted from Smackdown, is also very close to being released. It’s said that Vince used to be high on his biker gimmick but grew tired of it rather quickly. In Palumbo’s case, he has always had the support of Johnny "Ace" Laurinaitis, who was responsible for bringing him back into the company after his first stint with the company was over.