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TNA: Tension between Dixie Carter and Jeff Jarrett over creative?

Various reports have suggested tension or disagreement between Jeff Jarrett & Dixie Carter as it relates to talent, booking, etc.

There is some truth to that.

Dixie and Sr V/P Andy Barton want to make more talent decisions, and simply hire folk they want and present them to creative.

Within the last year Dixie wanted to sign an American Gladiator, a UK high spot guy, and several Survivor stars. None ended up being hired.

Frequently the logic for hiring someone is flawed, as in the case of the UK kid. Dixie believed he would help TNA draw in the UK. TNA sold out on it’s first UK tour without UK talent, adding Doug Williams to a card but well after it sold out.

At least one person suggested recently to me that in the recently started TNA Angle with Jeff Jarrett & Mck Foley defending the TNA stars like AJ & Samoa Joe against the Icon Sting & Kurt Angle, that Dixie or someone playing Dixie should join the angle defending the decisions like continuing to renew Sting’s deal.

The Dixie character might actually be the heel needed in this angle. She could try to explain why she hires guys who were established in WWE, perhaps because they are better known as brands than is the TNA brand. Then Jeff Jarrett could take the position that TNA needs to establish it’s own identity, create it’s own stars (like Joe & AJ), not try to hotshot to gain the attention of an audience that has not yet found TNA by giving them Sting or Foley, stars they may know better. Jeff could point out that the hotshoting hasn’t worked, ratings don’t grow more than maybe by .1, if that, and if there is small growth it doesn’t last. He could say that new fans that turn in end up seeing ex-WWE guys somewhere else, sorta like WCW. Dixie could say Jeff just feels threatened, and that she knows what the people want….guys past their prime like Sting, reality show stars she enjoys watching, and Indy wrestlers she has no idea how to evaluate. Jeff could say that Dixie is just a spoiled, rich, Daddy’s girl, who knows nothing about professional wrestling. She could say Jeff is just jealous of her…her private jet, the castles she stays at on UK tours, etc.

Dixie as the rich, spoiled Daddy’s girl who was given a wrestling company vs Jeff Jarrett, the 2nd generation wrestler brought up in the wrestling business who invested his own money, mortaged his home, sacrificed to create TNA, lost his wife to cancer, all the while never giving upon his dream….TNA.

Now that I might watch, and there’d be enough truth in it that it might even work.