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WWE RAW September 29, 2008 Results

The 801’st edition of RAW came from the Target Center in Minneapolis, MN.

Match Results

  • Non-Title: Batista def. Santino Marella by pin following the Batista Bomb.
  • The Miz (with John Morrison) (ECW) def. JTG (with Shad) (RAW) by pin following the Reality Check.
  • Intergender Tag Match: Jamie Noble & Mickie James def. Paul Burchill & Katie Lea by Paul Burchill tapping to Jamie Noble’s armbar.
  • 8-Man Tag: Kane (RAW), Cody Rhodes (RAW), Ted DiBiase (RAW), & Manu (RAW) def. Rey Mysterio (RAW), CM Punk (RAW), Kofi Kingston (RAW), & Evan Bourne (ECW) by Kane pinning Kofi Kingston following the Chokeslam.
  • Beth Phoenix & Jillian def. Candice Michelle & Kelly Kelly by Beth Phoenix pinning Kelly Kelly following the Glam Slam.
  • The Great Charli def. Deuce by pin following a flying clothesline.
  • D-Generation X (SmackDown’s Triple H & RAW’s Shawn Michaels) def. Chris Jericho & Lance Cade by DQ after Chris Jericho & Lance Cade refused to stop double-teaming Shawn Michaaels.

Match Quality

  1. DX Vs. Chris Jericho & Lance Cade
  2. 8-Man Tag
  3. Deuce Vs. The Great Charli
  4. JTG Vs. The Miz
  5. Intergender Tag Match
  6. Beth Phoenix & Jillian Vs. Candice Michelle & Kelly Kelly
  7. Batista Vs. Santino Marella


Per Kane’s request and him winning his match, Mike Adamle announced that if Rey Mysterio loses to Kane at No Mercy, Rey must remove his mask in the middle of the ring.

Just a reminder that tomorrow night’s ECW will air at it’s new time of 9/8c. Also, SmackDown will be moving to MyNetworkTV starting with the Broadcast TV Premiere of WrestleMania at 8/87c on Thursday, followed by SmackDown’s All-Star Kickoff at 8/7c on Friday.