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WWE: Big update on Jeff Hardy’s current status

Prowrestling.Net reports that Jeff Hardy doesn’t appear to be in the doghouse following his recent incident at the Nashville International Airport. Hardy was not allowed to take a flight home because he was deemed too intoxicated by someone at the airport. There were some sighs of relief in WWE who feared he did something more serious.

Hardy spent that night hanging out with Matt Hardy and Gregory Helms, enjoying the Nashville nightlife with a number of other wrestlers that evening.

There have been multiple cases within the wrestling industry where performers were asked to take later flights because they were deemed too intoxicated. Obviously, the difference is that these people don’t already have two strikes against them in the Wellness Policy, and their airport incidents didn’t come to the public view. Hardy’s incident didn’t help his standing with management, but his stock didn’t drop dramatically because of it.

For what it’s worth, friends say they haven’t noticed any signs of Jeff slipping back into his old habits, but admit that there were also no red flags when he failed a Wellness test earlier this year.