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WWE: Maria talks about Playboy, other Diva’s and more

Maria recently did an interview with The Sun newspaper in the UK, here is the highlights of the interview:

What She Looks For In a Boyfriend: "I may kick some butt out there, but at the end of the day I’m still a girl and I still wont to be treated like one. I need someone who is romantic even when I’m in my pyjamas and watching some terrible movie and eating burnt popcorn. If you can still have fun when you’re doing that, that’s when its really romantic. That’s what makes a real relationship. And, you know, if I’m treated like a woman then I’ll treat you like a man. That’s the basic structure of a relationship. If I can count on you, if I can trust you, if I can laugh with you and be myself then that’s everything that I look for.”

Getting Traded to SmackDown: “The WWE’s annual draft is always such a scary thing for me because I’ve been on Raw for almost four years. It was especially scary for me this year, because I had this feeling in my gut that I would move. But when I made it past that Monday night Raw when they were doing the draft on TV, I thought that I was in the clear. But then I got a phone call the next morning about the draft and I have to say that instantly I burst into tears. I was so close with the girls over on Raw, the guys on Raw that I was very scared and timid moving over to Smackdown and I’m still getting used to it.

The Next WWE Diva to do Playboy:“I’ve heard rumours that it’s going to be Kelly Kelly this year and I’d like to see her or Mickie James do it. If I had the opportunity to do Playboy again, I definitely would" especially if it was together with one of those two. I think that it would be a great shoot and a great thing to go back to. Plus it’s always hot to see two women no together!”