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TNA: Sting verbally agree’s to new contract; could feud with Flair in 2009?

According to a new report by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Sting has verbally agreed to work through the end of 2009 for TNA Wrestling. It remains to be seen if a contract has been signed at this time, although they appear to be heading in the direction with future storylines as if he has.

There is hope internally within TNA of working a program between Sting and Ric Flair a year from now when Flair’s non-compete expires. The earliest this could be done would be next August in 2009. What Flair’s status would be with WWE at that point is up in the air as many feel if he had the choice now to legally go to TNA he wouldn’t do it. Of course, some have noticed within WWE that while the public line was that Flair and WWE separated on good terms, his decision to leave didn’t go over well in some people’s eyes.