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The Sandman announces his retirement from pro-wrestling

The following has been posted on Sandman’s official Myspace page found at this link.

Ladies & Gentlemen,

I Just Spoke With Sandman & He Wanted Me To Let you All Know That After Speaking With Tommy Dreamer & Having A Long Talk He Has Decided That After 20 + Years In The Pro Wrestling Business That It Is Time To Hangup The Boots & Call It Quits. He Would Like To Thank All Of You Fans That Have Supported Him Throughout His Time In & Around Wrestling. His Last Match Date Will Be Announced In The Coming Weeks. You Can Still Book Him In These Few Weeks. BUT After That He Said He Is Done. He Has A TWO Month Old Child & A Girlfriend To Look After So Now It Is Time To Step Out of The Spotlight.

Thanks A Bunch

Team Sandman