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WWE: SummerSlam 2008 draws a low buyrate

The buyrate for WWE’s 2008 SummerSlam pay-per-view is in and it’s probably not sitting well with Vince McMahon and other WWE officials. The show did 465,000 buys, which is about 270,000 in North America. That compares to 537,000 buys for the 2007 SummerSlam and 529,000 buys for the 2006 SummerSlam. 2008’s event featured John Cena vs. Batista and Edge vs. The Undertaker in Hell in a Cell, the 2007 show featured John Cena vs. Randy Orton and the return of Triple H vs. Booker T while the 2006 SummerSlam featured Edge vs. John Cena and DX vs. Vince and Shane McMahon.