CBlog XXVIII- No Mercy, RAW and Cyber Sunday

I know it’s been a little while since I’ve done a blog, but I’m back to give my thoughts on No Mercy, RAW, and the upcoming Cyber Sunday pay-per-view on October 26 (which, coincidentally, is CM Punk’s birthday and he is also the featured star on the poster).
Let’s start with this past Sunday’s No Mercy pay-per-view:
ECW Championship- Not a lot of surprises in this one, about what you would expect for an ECW main event. The big disappointment was Striker not being on commentary (his father died over the weekend).
Women’s Championship- The end of the match was what I expected, but I would have rather seen a complete squash by Phoenix. I am questioning the logic of WWE splitting up Glamarella so soon. It could be a swerve too.
Kane Vs. Rey Mysterio- A good match, worked awkwardly, but that was to be expected. The sick chair shot by Kane was great.
#1 Contender’s Match- This match was just horrible, but I was not disappointed as I did not expect anything out of it anyways.
Big Show Vs. The Undertaker- Much like many of the fans in attendance in Portland and the fans who watched from home, I was highly confused by how this match went down. It was just Unforgiven revisited as a match. I fully expect to see the beginnings of Undertaker’s Revenge during Big Show’s title bout with Triple H this Friday.
WWE Championship- This match exceeded my expectations for it. The ending was great and was something I didn’t expect.
World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match- By far the greatest match of the card. Very originally done with some new spots. I knew that this match alone would be worth the coin and I’m glad I ordered it.
As for this week’s post-No Mercy RAW, I was not overly impressed. Jericho serving as Special Referee in the main event offered no surprises whatsoever, just the usual heel referee chichanery. Johnny Knoxville coming to RAW next week should be interesting.
On RAW, two matches were announced for Cyber Sunday (just under three weeks away)- World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho Vs. Batista for the title with the “fans” choice of special referee- Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels, or Stone Cold Steve Austin. Also, Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella will defend the title against the “fans” choice of any of these three former champions- Roddy Piper, Goldust, or The Honky Tonk Man.
For the record, I put parantheses around the word, “fans” because I don’t believe that the “power is in our hands” as the tag line goes. It may be that the fans actually do make the matches, but if you ask me, it’s just as phony as elections in the United States. In both cases, voting makes no difference (five bucks says that gets cut from the blog).
When something worth talking about happens in the WWE, count on me to give my take on it. You will probably hear from me after more Cyber Sunday matches are announced. Peace.